Chapter 6 – Blogging and Dating

Chapter 6 – Blogging & Dating

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

I’m a little down and out tonight so I’m focusing on blogging … and planning a romantic rendezvous with a fellow e-dater. Looking on the bright side I’m making a lot of progress with my ‘Me & Eryn Carlo’ blog. I’ve just posted an entry that covers Eryn Carlo Christmas stocking stuffers. Writing is proving to be soothing and unconditionally accepting.

Now I’m engaging in an online chat with a dark-haired, brown-eyed Latin-Lover type on Zoosk. A chat date isn’t exactly the most efficient screening tool prior to going out with a complete stranger but …  he seems like an eligible enough date for tomorrow night. I could use a Latin-Lover in my life right about now.

That wavy dark hair and those chocolatey brown eyes.



I feel so accomplished tonight.

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

It is a happy pre-Friday and pheromones are in the air!

Karma has in her possession two potential outfits for tonight’s date with the doughboy. Naturally I stamp my seal of approval on the girlie dress and adorable ballet flats. Femininity is good for a first date.

Entertainingly enough Karma is utterly incapable of sitting still today. Even Eric is noticing.


She whips around in her chair with a large Monster energy drink in her hand. “Yes! What?”

“Are you ill? Should you be drinking that?” Eric raises an eyebrow in question.

“Oh.” She looks at the black can with the popular green ‘M.’ “No. And yes!”

“Why are you so jittery?”

“Am I?” She bounces her right leg rapidly.

“Yes. You’re skittish. What’s the deal, gals? Spill.”

Here’s my cue to chime in. “Karma has a hot date tonight.”

“A hot date?” He smiles and leans back against my desk. “Ah, I see. So you’re nervous.”

“No way. Not nervous at all. I don’t get nervous. Me? Nervous? Never.” She refuses to admit it’s due to intensifying angst over the approaching first date.

Eric and I simply laugh at her. (Eric laughing – that’s odd in itself.)

“Karma, I’ve never seen you this edgy. You must really like this guy.” I chide her.

“I do!” She stands and paces between our desks. “I’m afraid I’ll mess it up by being myself.”

“Look,” Eric crosses his arms. “If he doesn’t like you the way you are then kick him to the gutter. I, personally, don’t think that will happen.”

“Wow. Thank you, Eric.” Karma is flabbergasted by the kind words. “That is really nice of you to say.”

“Agreed!” Who knew there was a compassionate side hiding in our boss? I knew it was in there somewhere, underneath the grumpiness.

“For the record. Nix the energy drinks. They make you act like a nut.” He stiffly composes himself as if he were thinking: ‘Can’t let the employees think I’m a softie.’

“Awww.” Karma places her hands over her heart. “There’s the Eric I know and love.”

“Yeah yeah. Back to work now. Just because you have a date doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to get done beforehand. If I remember correctly you owe me a report which holds priority over what you’re wearing tonight.” He seems very pleased with himself and struts away.

“Thanks for the low blows.” Karma always has something sarcastic to mutter under her breath.

“What’d you say?” He peeks back around the corner.

“I said ‘I’m right on top of that, Rose.’” She rolls her eyes. “Honestly, Eric, sometimes I think you’re deaf.”

“Why would you call me Rose?”

“It’s from a movie. ‘Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.’ You’ve never seen it?”

“Find something to do, Karma, or I’ll give you more work.”

“Would you stop embarrassing that poor guy?” I lecture her.

“He likes it.”


“How’s the EC blog coming along?”

“Pretty good but could be better. I’ve been getting some page views but not enough. I need to network more on Twitter and Facebook. If I could just get that fashion column approved and running I could probably promote the blog along with it.”

“Be patient. He’ll get back to you.”

“I know. I just want this to happen already. It’s difficult to be patient.”


“Enough about me. Where are you guys going tonight?”

“An Italian restaurant he swears by.”

“Mmm spaghetti.”

“Not ordering that. You know I slurp spaghetti. I’d get sauce everywhere.”

“Ha! I do know. But it’s cute. He may find it endearing. You could wear a bib.”

“Maybe. You might be on to something. I could save the bib for later.”



“You’re going to have such a great time tonight. I have a good feeling about him. And remember, no nookie on the first date.”

“I’ll try to contain myself.”

“Do that. And by the way, I have a date tonight as well.”

“You do? Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Eh, I was bored last night and started chatting with this LL on Zoosk. He’s smart and funny and extremely hot. So I figured, why not fill up my Thursday evening.”

“Nice. A Latin Lover huh. Let me see his pic.”

I pull up LL’s picture on my Zoosk mobile app.

“Caliente!” Karma grabs the phone and zooms in on the profile pic. “He’s smoking hot.”

“That’s how I roll baby.”

“Text me where you’ll be and all. Just in case doughboy and I need to rescue you.”

“I will. And the same goes for you.”

“Yes mama.”

Before we know it the workday has culminated. Karma changes at the office and I give her two thumbs up before she departs. I remind her to text me when she gets to the restaurant and when she arrives back home safely. And naturally I am her emergency call if anything goes wrong. I send out a quick prayer and good vibes for Karma tonight.

My plans for the moment? I’m not meeting LL for a couple of hours so I’m stopping at Macy’s to check out the Eryn Carlo section. I think of it as my own personal version of ‘happy hour.’

Walking through Macy’s always makes me feel amazing. So many beautiful things to view, to touch, to smell. Sparkles, sequins, glitter, leather! Shoes, clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, and anything for your home.  And what do I find? A perfect piece for my next ‘Me & Eryn Carlo’ blog post: a black skirt with a draped front and asymmetrical hem. The fun part about this skirt is the shimmery silver liner on the inside that peeks out from under the draping portion. What a perfect “go-to” piece. You can dress it down with sandals and a simple tank. Or dress it up with strappy chunky heels and a fitted top. Versatile and comfortable and unquestionably ideal. And purchased.

It’s date time!

I’m looking forward to meeting LL. Hell, if he doesn’t work out as a boyfriend I’m sure he’d work out as a supreme booty call.

What? We all have needs.

While I wait for LL to arrive at the French café I chose I check out the wine menu.

LL is late. I pull up his profile again to view his hobbies. He has an interesting profile and appears to be smart and ambitious (ding ding ding!). We even work in the same industry. I’d say that’s a bonus. We shouldn’t run out of things to talk about.

However, an internal alarm is buzzing. Is this almost too good to be true?

Fifteen minutes waiting and now I’m antsy. Just as I’m texting him he saunters up to the café. “Lucy?”

“Hi, yes. You must be Carlos?”

“That I am.”

“You’re late, Carlos. I almost gave up on you.”

“Sorry about that. I had trouble finding this place. I’m not as familiar with Ft. Lauderdale. I work mostly in Miami.”

“Ah, I see. No worries. Do you mind sitting outside? It’s so beautiful out.”

“Uh sure.”

While the hostess gets our menus and finds a vacant table for us I take the opportunity to give him a once over.

I have to say he is … very … hairy. I mean very hairy. I hadn’t noticed that before. See, Henry didn’t have enough hair. Carlos? Too much hair. Is there a happy medium? My own personal Goldilocks version of ’just right’ in the hair department?

Moving on. We sit, we order, we talk. You know, all the usual first date happenings. We begin to touch on our jobs in the media industry. I’m glad we have this conversation piece to fall back on. No awkward pauses.

Little did I know, this convenient conversation topic would serve as an extraction tool for Carlos to gain insight into Sunny News.

The interrogation started with questions like “Do you work with such and such companies?” “Are you authorized to do this or that?” “What process do you use to handle that?” “Can you tell me who your top journalists are?” “What is your budget like?” He’s asking questions that I seriously don’t know the answer to since I’m not involved with other departments. Through the endless questions I wait for him to drag a bright light into my face and ask me where I was when we solidified our marketing budget for our next fiscal year.

What I really want to say to him is “You’ve got to be kidding me” but I know, as I did with Henry and all of his non-glory, that I wouldn’t be seeing LL again.

Even the couple sitting next to us was giving me a look of pity. This is a romantic French café overlooking the ocean and it’s obviously our first meeting. What a shame the surroundings are wasted on his inability to truly enjoy a first date.

In the end I bow out gracefully and chalk this up to experience. Another failed date but there are lessons to be learned from each man encounter.

I secretly hope he loses my number so that I’m saved from the trouble of rejecting him. I go home and shake up a martini while deleting my Zoosk profile out of pure frustration.

I hope doughboy holds more potential than LL. Time to text Karma.

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